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WordPress Website Development For Beginners in Hindi

In this WordPress Website Development For Beginners in Hindi course, I am going to cover a complete website development using WordPress for beginners

Facebook Strategic Marketing Certification Course in Hindi

Want to learn Facebook marketing expert? Want to sell product & service on Facebook? Want to become a Facebook blueprint certified marketer? Want to earn money through Facebook marketing? Well, congratulation, this course is completely dedicated to you.

20 hours of Algorithm in C-Language – Doubt Assistance Course – By Prateek Jain (IIT Roorkee)

Algorithms are used in every part of computer science. They form the field's backbone. In computer science, an algorithm gives the computer a specific set of instructions, which allows the computer to do everything, be it running a calculator or running a rocket.

Complete Video Editing and Videography using Filmora Certification Course

Using this course content, you will be able to learn from scratch how to make video editing projects and ads within an hour.

Data Structure in C – Doubt Assistance Course in Hindi – By Prateek Jain (IIT Roorkee)

A lot of beginners and experienced programmers avoid learning Data Structures because it’s complicated and they think that there is no use of data structure in real life But it is the key topic for programmers and computer science students to get a job and perform well in it.

C Language for GATE/NET/Interview – By Prateek Jain (IIT Roorkee)

In this course, I am gong to cover complete C-language in Hindi from scratch to advance in the simplest way for those students, who want to learn c programming in the simplest way, who are preparing for a GATE/NET/CAMPUS PLACEMENT/INTERVIEW.

24 in 1 Advance Digital Marketing Course in Hindi

32 Hours of 24 in 1 Advance Digital Marketing Certification course, for working professionals, and those students. - Who wants to change their carrier, - Who stuck in their career, in their future - Who wants to add skill in their profile and who are looking for a job for a long time
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