Frequently Asked Questions

Is online education system effective?

Online Learning system is as effective as you want to make it. All the tools and study materials are provided to you via online portals. High skilled teachers are available, lectures are also available and so are study guides. Now it is up to the students to put in the right amount of commitment and effort to make the entire system work for them. Online programs give students a lot of reliability and choice. If you make positive usage of the online education system, you will find it to be a highly effective way of education.

Is online education as good as classroom learning?

There is a continuous argument on this question and both sides seem to have valid points. Cademyk suggests that online education is as good as, and in some cases, even better than the traditional modes of education.

Are online classes cheaper?

If you take a class online, you might be able to continue with your job and make money at the same time. Transportation expense and other institute related expenses should also be considered in this regard. However, the fee structures and policies vary from institute to institute.

Who should go for online education?

Online education can be pursued by anyone and for any reason. While many people associate it with a form of education suited only for working individuals or people who have other responsibilities, online education is actually useful for anybody. If you have little time due to family or job, then you should definitely start looking for online programs.

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