All About New Indian Education Policy 2020

Education policy in India started from the time of Lord Macaulay. In India, the credit for the convent education lane goes to him only. Before their arrival, the form of education in India was very different. It can be said that the changing format of the education pattern is not today but is very old. One of the reasons for the level of education in India has increased to some extent after Lord Macaulay’s education pattern was that he started English Medium along with the form of government education. It is just a matter of trying to tell all this that India has not changed the education pattern from today but is quite old. Now the question comes when the realization of the need to formulate a national education policy comes under 1948 when the University Commission was constituted under the chairmanship of Dr. Radhakrishnan and at the same time children of 6 years to 14 years there was a demand to make education free. But the first change in education came after the Kothari Commission resolution when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of the country. After 1968, a new format of education was re-designed in 1986. It accepted a uniform educational structure for the entire country and most states adopted the 10 + 2 + 3 structure. In India, the need for change in education pattern has been felt from time to time.

The last change was made in the education policy of India earlier in 1992. During this time some amendment was made in the this. Since then, the same educational policy was pursued for a long time. The pattern, which was beaten on the same rut, got the eye of the government and in this, it felt the need for a change. The 2014 Election Manifesto already focused on the main point of changes in education in India.

Many people started seeing many flaws in this long-standing education system. This demand began to arise again that some important changes should be made and modified to make it more interesting. The government has finally given a big relief by changing the Indian education system and its rules. After 34 years many important changes have taken place in the countries. Keep in mind that the new education policy 2020 has been approved by the cabinet. It is being told that in some important changes have been made in many things simultaneously from school bags, pre-primary classes to board exams, report cards, methods of UG admission, MPhil. Students will directly benefit from this new policy.

There has been no work on the new education pattern for the last several years. Many previous governments have not taken any step towards this. Many people were seeing all the shortcomings in this education policy, but then this was being ignored. The thing that is being debated the most is that schooling, higher education, agriculture, medical education, and technical education have also been added under its purview. Nowadays, after studying, students have to face a lot of difficulties in getting a job, so it is believed that this new policy will remove this crisis and will make it easier for students to get employment. Explain that the main objective of the new policy is to directly connect students to a life skill along with studies.

When talking to the children studying inboard and general class, under the old education policy one thing was coming out that there is no doubt that subjects like Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, English, Hindi after a time Become cumbersome. Students’ tasks were also very heavy. Perhaps this was the reason why in the earlier pattern, Art, Music, Sports, Yoga was inserted in the Assistant Curriculum ie Co-Curricular but due to this either the children used to score a lot or not at all in the skills subject. One thing from this was that children were not able to pay attention to other subjects as well, the result was unbalanced, it reached the government and a big question mark was put in the policy. In the new policy, all the emphasis has been laid on the life skills of the students, now all these subjects will be part of the main syllabus and will not be called extracurricular. Its objective is to build confidence in every child along with the same education format in students, which is a new look in India’s education pattern.

There was a lot of scope for improvement in the old education policy. Although India was ahead of many countries in the field of education, there was something wrong somewhere. Education was never being taken as seriously by different governments as it was in the past. The main reason for this was the lack of economic. The government felt the need and adopted a policy of spending 4.43% of the country’s GDP on education. In a major change in the new policy, the name of the Ministry of Human Resource Development has been changed to the Ministry of Education; the government has also decided that now 6% of the country’s GDP will be devoted to education. Being financially strong will provide equal economic strength at every level of education like primary, secondary, or higher. If this happens then there is no doubt that education will improve and many of the past flaws will be removed automatically due to the increased budget.

Due to prolonged education, many students quit their studies. Due to economic deficiency, failure or nervousness was also there. He had a lot of problems due to quitting school. It is not so in the new pattern. If the student studied for one year, he would be given a certificate for two years, diploma and if he studied for three years and completed his course, he would be awarded a degree. When we talked to Shyamali Shukla, who was doing a course of fashion designing in Kashmir, the results were shocking; she said that this arrangement made by the government under the new education policy has been liked by the people. It is being highly praised for not losing the year of the student. By saying this, their time and money will not be wasted or something will come in the hands of the students. However, talented students will have to take more care.

Not only the government but also the teachers felt very lacking in education policy. If the education system has been changed and it has been renewed, then people are also happy that now special attention will be given to the training of teachers for quality education. Earlier, there was an equal focus on the training of teachers, although at the level there were no facilities, the focus was not on quality. It is being said that in the new policy, teacher training and all education programs have to be at the level of universities or colleges. It has been recommended to include. When we talked to some teachers at the district level, a teacher of a government school in Gautam Budh Nagar said that education was the basic training as a training, but practical training was never taken care of. The same Lucknow government teacher Anamika Srivastava said that 56 percent of teachers are employed in government schools without any kind of training. It was a shocking thing in itself. But education quality will improve rapidly after the introduction of teacher training at every level.

After this decision of the government, there was a lot of upheaval in large sections of society. A large section AO has emerged which believes that after this the Indian education system will be completely changed and students will get jobs even after taking a minor course. IIT talked to the administrator of Hemant Gupta, working in the education administration of Gandhi Nagar, then he told about a 3 percent survey which is based on the conversation on the internal campus. Students believe that about 20 to 30 percent level of education and change is possible every new education policy takes seriously and works. Students who are doing or doing research are also expecting better results in their future.

However, now that the new policy has come and many important changes have been made in the old things, how much benefit will be made by the government for the benefit of this system implemented with the aim of benefiting the public. But as Surat is present, people are relieved. This thing is completely justified as it is being said that if it is implemented properly, then the benefit of this will be seen in India in the future, due to this, it is much stronger.

March 22, 2021
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