About Us

The online education system is a process to increase your skills at less time. Indian population is 133.92 crores and our education system is not approachable to interested people. Education is the topmost problem in our country and we are going to a backward position all over the world. Naturally, if we are not educated enough then we can’t move forward. While India is a country of highly skilled people. But some of them want to learn more skilled courses and don’t find any source to learn.

Cademyk is going to be your solution to learning new skills. Highly rated Tutors will upload their courses and you can get the benefit of learning your desired courses online. In this busy schedule, we don’t have much time to go to the tutors for learning new skills and they are not ready to give you much time for that.

These days access to the internet is available everywhere and it has become faster than before. Video is the best method for the coming generation to learn new skills easily.  Cademyk provides 100% authentic courses uploaded by genuine Tutors. Finding a genuine tutor is almost difficult and it’s a time taking process, while people don’t have much time to find a tutor offline. In Cademyk, Course prices are affordable to the students rather than going to the tutor and learning courses offline. We are going to include lots of professional Courses, if you learn them, you can become a professional in that particular field and you can establish your career with Cademyk.

Providing an Indian e-learning platform and create the eco-system between job seekers, students, tutors, trainers, institutes, colleges, and recruiters. Where tutors, trainers, and all resource providers will teach, train to all of our job seekers, and students with using their variety of practical based & skill-based certification courses, and experience, at which they have specialized in their regional language. along with this our valuable recruiters will recruit to all of our job seekers and students, according to there skills within one month from the date of course completion.

Cademyk also focused on regional-based language on courses that are a benefit for all students, which belong from the rural and urban regions, and does not comfortable with the English language. India is a multi-linguistic country, and a majority of the population comes from non-urban areas. The online courses, mostly focus on English content. Hence, non-English speaking students struggle with the availability of vernacular content.

Our Mission:

To leading the way and provide the finest career-oriented and skill-enhancement courses by industry gem along with a reputed job under the single crown.

Our Vision: 

Empowering the youth till to be the white-collar in the 21st century.

Our Philosophy:

KAIZEN-Constant Improvement

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