Learn To Speak English Fluently Through 1-To -1 Real Communication or Group Discussion

Find English speaking partner or speaking group for yourself instantly to learn spoken English

Learning Path For You

Good spoken English is necessary because it allows you to convey your thoughts and ideas effortlessly.

Join 1-to-1 Session or English Spoken Nurturing Buddy Group

Join the group or 1-to-1 discussion session, to start communicating to get a good hold on your spoken English language.

Get English Speaking Environment

Converse with experts remotely using personal devices -laptops, tablets, computers, smartphones, or smart TVs.  

Do Discussion, Debate, Connection

Group interaction, debate, discussion and networking allow you to gain confidence while speaking the language.

Achieve Proficiency

Achieve proficiency in Spoken English with the course, Communication becomes smoother, expressive, interesting and indulging when you Master your spoken English.

We’re Obsessed To make English speaking easier for you

Learning to speak English does not harder as you think because we have made speaking English simpler.

Suraj Kr. Prakash
Founder & CEO at Cademyk

Learn Spoken English

Benefits & Learning Culture

Learn Spoken English

We define the students level persona then assign the adaptable English Spoken nurturing group or 1-to-1 Mentor.

There is an opinion that learning English spoken requires a lot of effort, time, and money. It is not the case with CADEMYK. Here, you will know, why!

Join English Communicative Environment

Join a real-time English communicative environment to learn spoken English, where you can discuss any topic along with day to day activity with a dedicated mentor or group of participants.

We Build The Spoken Buddy Group Community

In the Beginning, The environment is important for any new learner. doesn't matter what you are learning. That's why we assign the learning partner as a mentor and form the English speaking environment called buddy group to learn spoken English practically with live communication not by grammatically and rote memorization.


We Assign The Dedicated Tutor/Mentor

  • The tutor will guide students with vocabulary during the debate.
  • He will listen, observe and assist students if they get stuck in the conversation.
  • If a student uses an incorrect phrase during the discussion, the tutor will explain the correct meaning. And also teach how to use that phrase accurately.
  • Each student will get marks by the tutor based on specific criteria. Later, they will receive their feedback personally after discussion via phone or video call to improve their skills.
  • He is there to teach learners about speaking skills, presenting yourself, etc.
  • Tips on how to enhance vocabulary.

Discussion On New Topics

Every day, there will be a discussion on different topics. These topics will be about day to day activities, speech, general knowledge or current affairs, and the specific topic given by the group tutor to learn spoken English. It will increase their global awareness along with English fluency.

Designated Time For Each Student

Every participant will have adequate time to discuss, and in that given time, he/she can explain the points about the topic. It will help those students who are under-confident. learn spoken english

Feedback & Reviews

Students will also give feedback/ratings to each of the member and the tutor based on their guidance and support. Students can change their tutor anytime they feel that the tutor is not doing his job responsibly and does not guide them during and after discussion or not take their doubts after the meeting. learn spoken english

Help in Future Interviews & Boost Confidence

1-to-1 discussion & group discussion will help students in job interviews as GD is mostly the first round in companies. They will learn to speak, frame sentences quickly, and express their ideas in fewer words confidently. learn spoken english

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Demo Session Will be End Soon. Enroll in Free Demo Session

Join One Free Demo English Spoken Group Discussion Session to understand our buddy group's spoken environment and culture.

Learning Plans For You To Learn Spoken English

Self English Practice by Group Discussion

Group Discussion Under Mentor Guidance

1-To-1 English Speaking Practice with Mentor

See! How Students Practice English In Our 1-To-1 and Group Discussion Program

Our English Spoken Nurturing Buddy Group and 1-to-1 Discussion Environment & Culture

Why You Should Join?

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Cademyk Brings English To Life With Real-World Learning Experiences.

English is one of the languages that is one of the most rewarding and challenging things you can do. Traditional tools like textbooks have been essential for us. But what we’ve found is that we can learn best through rich, engaging experiences and practice in real-time with real people. It’s easy to remember words when we reinforce them by experiences that move us. We also believe early exposure to engaging content helps prevent learners from giving up before they’re fluent.

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Cademyk Gives You Rich Experiences With Live Discussions On Your Favorite Subjects.

Cademyk gives you rich experiences with live discussions on your favorite subjects, supported by the right set of tools, which can transform language learning. Participate in the debate with the group who know to speak English, form your community to practice, and have fun. We’re working to make that site reality for you.

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Learn With Real Interaction & Conversation, Not Like Typical How, When Courses

Cademyk is brought to you by a team of passionate language learners distributed around the world.

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We Cover Four-Dimensional Learning Process in Our English Group Discussion Program & 1-To-1 Session

Topics You’ll Never Find in Traditional Methods. Don’t Do Rote Memorization Because We Cover Four-Dimensional Real Communication Learning Process to Learn Spoken English

Debate at Given Topic

Discussion on Day to Day Activities

Discussion on Selected Topic

Discussion on Current Affairs

Learn From Hollywood Movies

Learn from Dialogue

Learn from Documentaries

Speech Listening & Delivery

Learn by Book Reading

Word, Phrase or Idioms of the Day

Common Myths

Every day we come across some myths that prevent beginners from learning English:

  • -> I have no ability for languages.
  • -> It’s too late for me to teach.
  • -> I have a bad memory.
  • -> I started to teach so many times, but I could not begin to speak.
  • -> English for beginners from scratch is very difficult.

We have heard these words many times, and we perfectly understand those who say them.

But Believe Us – These are Just Myths

We know for sure:

  • -> Everyone is able to start speaking English.
  • -> Everyone can learn English from scratch at almost any age.
  • -> Memory, communication skills, like any other skills, are perfectly trained!

Join Our Free One Hour English Speaking Group Discussion Demo Session

Join One Free Demo English Spoken Group Discussion Session to understand our buddy group's spoken environment and culture.

Group Discussion Under Mentor Guidance Pricing & Plan For You

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1-To-1 English Speaking Practice with Mentor Pricing & Plan For You

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Self-English Practice by Group Discussion Pricing & Plan For You

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Frequently Asked Questions

while enrolling on the program we take English level information from the students and assign the 1-to-1 dedicated mentor or group to them as their enrollment packages.

1-to-1 discussion and group discussion has its importance that you cannot compare with other activities. We can make you sit and study the rules, but what you need to learn is how to apply them. If you cannot make a sentence in English during the discussion, it is a big sign of your need to practice more. This activity will help you interact with different students, learn new things, strengthen your vocabulary, present yourself, etc. Therefore, we made this careful decision to include this activity in our program.

We plan to start discussion from absolute basics. We will teach you the grammar rules, forming sentences, simple vocabulary, and phrases throughout the discussion and debate. These 1-to- sessions & group discussions will force you to think and respond quickly in English. Side-by-side, we will regularly work on learning English. However, this one activity can do wonders for fluency.

It is the best part of this program. There is no need for any qualification or experience for you to join our family. It is okay whether or not you know the general grammar rules. We are here to take over and teach you the correct way of reading, listening, speaking, and writing this language in all-dimensional.

It highly depends from student to student. If you carry very slight doubts that the tutor can solve within the session, then there is no need to disturb your pattern and put this class. However, when having many doubts about your chapters, we can put an entire session solely for clearing your doubts. Our motto is that every student feels confident and learns what they have signed up for with us. And our team is ready to support you by every means possible.

In that case, you can mention it while giving your rating and review of the mentor after your class. We will look into it and would ask you via phone call or message if you would want to change your tutor. You can also put this request yourself with us. We will switch your tutor or group with immediate effect.

Due to a poor network, there is a probability that your phone might get a disconnect in between. However, please don’t worry about it as we will not over the session due to it. We will pick off exactly where you left off. You don’t have to pay anything extra to continue the session. If the error happens from our side, we will make sure that it does not repeat itself in the future.

Yes, you can cancel or change your group discussion subscription anytime. we will refund you the rest amount, where you will drop the session.

You will mention your preferred timing and days while enrolling in this program. We will assign a group and mentor as your mentioned timing. However, you are free to change your timing and days anytime.

While enrolling on the program, you will submit your Email id & Contact number, where we will contact you and share the group link. However you can be supposed to medium would be zoom, google meet, or Microsoft team.

We are available 24×7 on live chat…Let’s discuss using the chatbot. learn spoken english

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Learn Spoken English Fluently With 1-to-1 or Group Conversation